Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well hello peoples. I haven't posted in ages and I felt like sharing a few more of my Flame fractals. As one of my commentators pointed out Flame fractals are much different from Fractals. As opposed to my last batch these Fractals have much more color in them. Hope you enjoy.

#11 Why are we supposed to save the best for last? This one if probably my favorite. It is a great example of overlapping two fractals to get a much fuller look. Although it doesn't have a central focus to it I still find this one ..pretty. :P

#5 This one is interesting....but the colorization is just wrong.

#4 Central focus as it finest. I like this one, it's a great flame fractal, but the color could probably use a bit more work.

#3 Not sure what to make of this one. I love the color though.

#2 I like the design for this one but the color is just too bright. (Maybe I'll fix it sometime in the future :P )

#1 I like this one, but it is definitely not the normal for me. Generally I prefer more centralized flames.

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  1. These are always so beautiful...definitely impressive. The colors on all of them except #5 is pretty good. You were right on #5, the colorization is a little off. But other than that...I think my favorites are the first one you showed and the one you titled #2. I like bright colors. :P