Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well hello peoples. I haven't posted in ages and I felt like sharing a few more of my Flame fractals. As one of my commentators pointed out Flame fractals are much different from Fractals. As opposed to my last batch these Fractals have much more color in them. Hope you enjoy.

#11 Why are we supposed to save the best for last? This one if probably my favorite. It is a great example of overlapping two fractals to get a much fuller look. Although it doesn't have a central focus to it I still find this one ..pretty. :P

#5 This one is interesting....but the colorization is just wrong.

#4 Central focus as it finest. I like this one, it's a great flame fractal, but the color could probably use a bit more work.

#3 Not sure what to make of this one. I love the color though.

#2 I like the design for this one but the color is just too bright. (Maybe I'll fix it sometime in the future :P )

#1 I like this one, but it is definitely not the normal for me. Generally I prefer more centralized flames.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Fractal Flames

Heehee. As said in my comments on the last post I am putting of three more Fractal Flame pictures. Hope they are enjoyed. Click on the images to get full size. They are much more enjoyable when BIG! xD

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interesting and weird.

Just thought I'd post a few pictures, these are all done purely with Gimp. Credit for showing me how to do this goes to Sir_Furious. Check out his cool blog here>>> Click!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A picture

Well I was playing around with GIMP and got this xD. My original plan was to have solid black eyes with a bit of gloss, but that didn't work. So I just played around and got this xD. Opinions?

Now on a totally different note, what do you peeps thing of having a banner making contest? I just want to know if people like the idea, if they do I'll start one.

I was thinking along the lines of one promotional banner for some movie. One banner of some favorite character from something. And lastly I was thinking of a Lego graphic for some organization (you would make it up.)

Each person could enter a max of three for each category, the top three in each win.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life has been busy.

It's fun being busy isn't it? Well sort of, occasionally it's fun to just kick back in a nice comfortable chair, crank up the music (Jazz right now) and post on different things. Hahaha...Okay fine maybe I do the kicking back part too much. But at least I got around to writing something on my blog instead of all the rp sites I am on. I was just looking at one of my least used accounts that I am still regularly active on. I have only rped with him 4 times on the whole and I have over 120 posts!!! Don't even ask about my main character :D.

Busy...Helped mom clean out the car today, swept most of the house, did laundry and managed to get outside for awhile xD.

This week I have also been doing TONS of research/writing/watching on star trek. Wow for those who like it check out the video bellow, pretty cool battle that was made by third parties. They put together ships from Babylon 5 and star trek. Amazing battle, though the very beginning makes no sense to me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


As the saying goes, Long time no see. Or in this case, long time no post.
Recently I've been busy with being sick and looking at cool pictures on the internet. Along with a few game clan matches and stuff like that. Oh! And school. xD

Anyway here are a few pictures.

This has to be one of my favorite elf pictures, it's just perfect for an avatar.

This one is just pure Kewl. (Except for the hair.)

I love this one. It captures the villainy of this character perfectly in that grin. For those who play the rpg game Oblivion he was based off of the vampire in the dark brotherhood.

And this one.....I dunno what to say. It's simply amazing. Up to date my favorite full size elf picture. (Digital art that is.)

Yet another one that gives meaning to the word cool.

Ah, I have many more pictures I would like to share. But if I did that where would my next post go? Hahahaha

Now to see if I have any followers left who haven't given this blog up for dead.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


What is your favorite food? Steak with lots of A1.

Your favorite hot drink? Coffee and Hot chocolate.

Your favorite cold drink (besides water)? Barks Rootbeer

Your current favorite articles of clothing? It Depends what I'm doing. If I'm going to be running around then cargo shorts with a T shirt. If it's just everyday, then I'd take blue jeans and a normal shirt.

What are you reading right now? Calvin's institutes, The fellowship of the ring, Caesar and the Celts, Honor Blade, and The Silmarillion (For the 10th time).

What are your favorite books right now? The Silmarillion, and the Rihannsu Series.

What are your favorite movies right now? I honestly couldn't say.

What music do you listen to? Almost all types but Country, Rock, Rap, and Blues.

What phrases/exclamations do you say often/are a family joke? Only one i can thing of right now is... "Zues is missing the toilet again." For when it rains lol!

What do you enjoy doing most? Playing outside with friends, Playing computer games with friends, Reading an interesting book, Text Role playing, and stuff with computers.

If you were going somewhere dangerous in Middle-earth, Narnia, or The Lands Beyond, what would you take? Well if it was stuff I actually own then... Three throwing knives, One Sword, One WW2 Combat knife (Actually used in battle, not the replicas.), Several other little knives....and a book. Now, if I could choose...hehehehehe I would want two 9mm Tuaruses with tactical holsters and a vest full up refill clips, Lots of Grenades, A nice fully automatic gun, and an airplane or two. LOL

Who are your real-life role models? Other than the obvious Jesus I am not saying.

Who are your fictional role models? Again, not saying...it would tell people too much about me imo.

If your life were a movie, who would play you? ....Either me...OR someone who got paid TONS of money OR was a complete idiot who got pushed into the job.

What are you most afraid of? Being a Coward, torture, snakes, spiders.

What are your favorite smells? ......How about anything that doesn't stink????

What is your favorite sound? My sniper rifle firing in Urban Terror.

What is your favorite sight? The ocean...AND my computer.

If you had a CD, what would it be called? The complete random play list.

THERE! I did the tag. xD